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Meditation improves mental and physical health, gives you greater control of your mind and the power to increase your joy. I started Meditating Monkeys because many people are afraid to meditate. By not meditating you miss out on its many benefits: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Meditating Monkeys is meant to teach you that meditation is not only accessible, it is enjoyable. Meditation has helped millions find peace, improve physical health, and increase focus. I hope you help you find the same. And a few smiles along the way! :)


Think of it as a Life Coach with a meditation twist. I have been life coaching for several years, and find that meditation is a fantastic way to increase self-awareness and peace. Through focus and awareness we strengthen our personal power and ability to direct our lives. Ask yourself:

What do you want out of life?

Do you have a plan for getting what you want? Do you have a map from “here” to “there”? I can help! As a Life Coach I can help you gain clarity on your life path and put together a real plan for achieving your goals. I provide support by listening and really hearing you, and by sharing new perspectives and new tools to create the life of your dreams. I help you turn frustration into flow.


We all need some help along the way. If you really and truly want to make powerful changes and improvements in your life, life coaching is for you. Meditation is for you. Again, what do you want out of life? Contact me below to find out how I can help you make your dreams a reality. Learn more about me and why I started Meditating Monkeys, or hear from some people I’ve helped.

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